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    Original LG (official) Firmware Downloader Tool

    Original LG (official) Firmware Downloader Tool.

    Original LG Firmware is a very small, yet reliable utility that benefits owners of LG phones by allowing them to quickly download firmware directly from LG’s servers.
    If you’ve ever needed an updated for your phone, no matter the brand, then you’re aware of how difficult and tedious is the task of searching for firmware yourself. Sometimes you end up downloading a fishy package from an untrustworthy server that ultimately fails to work.
    This scenario has a simple resolution in third-party software such as Original LG Firmware, which performs an in-depth search of your phone’s firmware on LG’s servers directly, without involving questionable web resources into the process.
    The other benefit of Original LG Firmware is that it’s incredibly easy to use, therefore aimed at all types of audiences, regardless of their level of IT knowledge.
    How to Download:-
    1. open setup
    2. put model number (example:-D685,E455 )
    3. Find Imei (open Battery And see Or *#06# )
    4. Put Imei 
    5. Now press save buttom
    6. Select Download Location 
    7. Enjoy Your firmware Download start

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